We like to support the
things we love!

And as an NZ owned and operated company ourselves, there's nothing Qual IT loves more than to support other NZ businesses, especially at such a difficult time.

Calling all small to medium sized business rolling with the COVID-19 punches! Are you trying to lessen the blow by quickly getting your business online with limited capability in the IT space? Or are you still trying to grasp the best way for you to move forward to conjour up a digital presence for your business but don't have a huge budget to play with?

Launching and optimising a website is a huge challenge and often comes with tight time frames and budgets. By moving through a robust checklist, analysing findings and providing recommendations, Qual IT can help you:

  • Prepare to go Online - If your business is looking to launch a website and needs to understand the issues and potential functionality you need in order to transact, Qual IT can provide basic requirements advice on enhancing key areas:
    • Your brand
    • Usability and customer experience
    • Customer engagement
  • Health-check your existing website - If you have an existing website, but may be aware of some E-Commerce issues, or simply want to validate its functionality and get advice on its current state, Qual IT can provide:
    • Cross-Browser/OS Testing
    • Basic Functionality Testing/Validation
    • Advice on usability/appearance
    • Some basic security Testing (functional and basic penetration)

What's in it for Qual IT?

We recognise the financial hardship many small to medium sized businesses in NZ are going through at present. We're not here to add to that.

We're proposing very friendly rates, with very friendly terms. In fact, at the end of the day if all we get back is good karma, we'll be happy!

So, if you're after some good 'ol fashioned pragmatic QA advice to help your business online, touch base with our team, today!